Avalanche rescue operations are suspended right now at Taos Ski Valley and the Kachina Peak. The avalanche happened at 11:45 am local time on the resort's highest peak. 2 males have been found. Both men required CPR but were transported to medical facilities alive.

A press release from the resorts says an "inbound avalanche" in chute four on Kachina Peak. A Taos News photographer at the scene reported that the snow is so deep from the avalanche that the 30-foot long snow probes could not reach the bottom of the snowpack. Rescuers believe that there is no one else trapped in the avalanche.

KOAT-TV reports that Chris Stagg, Vice President of Public Affairs for Ski Valley, told reporters that both men were taken to the resort's Mogul Medical Clinic. A volunteer firefighter on scene said that both men were very seriously injured. From there the men have been transported to other medical facilities.

Taos Ski Valley tweeted on Wednesday that the Kachina Peak lift was going to close due to low visibility however it was reopened on Thursday. The Ski Patrol team had previously detonated explosives earlier on Thursday morning in the area where the avalanche occurred in hopes of avoiding just this situation.

As we learn more, we will update the information on this page.


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