Yes, she can sing, y'all.

When Britney Spears made headlines during an Israeli interview defending her live vocals and never getting any credit, many scoffed at her declaration of only using "a little playback." It's true: the Undisputed Princess of Pop has relied heavily on a backing track for the past two decades while busting a move on stage.

But one thing's for sure: when she does actually sing live, her soulful chops make a strong case for why she was given a record deal in the first place — and prove that she's far more than just a dancer.

During the early days of her debut especially, back when she cited Whitney Houston and Mariah Carey as influences, Britney belted with her natural lower register, complete with those now signature baby-voiced Britney-isms ("oh, bay-beh, bay-beh..."). And when performing some of her most earnest ballads live, including "Everytime" and "Shadow," she demonstrates a compelling vulnerability.

Sure, Britney may not be a vocal powerhouse, but she can absolutely hold her own. She's also got one of the most distinctly recognizable voices in pop music — a feat most major pop stars have yet to accomplish for themselves.

Watch Britney's Best Live Vocals above.

Britney Spears Through the Years:

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