Last year was my first time going to this event. I do have to say it was worth going, the people that cut our hair this is for them. Women and men come together to showcase the art of hairstyle.First of I was a Hair Model for he show (got proof), so this is how I got into the show. My Barber at the time Marcus was trimming my hair and beard. Middle of the cut he asked if i ever heard of the Top of Texas Barber Expo, no I haven't sounds interesting.

This big show brings top hairstylist to have panels about how they got where they are, then they become judges for the Barber competitions that will be happening. Fades, to the Fastest cleanest cut, and the best design etched in your hair. So much to see and do a real fun event.  Also vendors and music is done throughout the day and at the end they find out who will be the champ.

Come out this year and see it for your self, plus I will be a model once again! Get my haircut and a beard trim I'm ready!


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