An Eastern New Mexico Univeristy bull rider was killed while practicing.Irvyng Urquijo, a 20-year-old from Springer, New Mexico and member of the University’s rodeo team, was at rodeo practice when he was crushed by a bull he was attempting to ride.

Witnesses say he and the bull had just exited the shoot.  The bull bucked him back towards the shoot.  He hit the ground, the bull stepped on him.

Urquijo’s coach, Albert Flinn, said the bull stepped directly on the Urquijo's chest, killing him.

“When they get on they know what they’re risking, but they get on because they enjoy it,” said Flinn. “They don’t expect anything like this to happen. None of us do.”

Normally, the team practices on mechanical bulls.  But that day they were able to ride real ones.

Urquijo’s teammates are trying to cope with his death. “It’s hard to take in. It’s hard to believe. You don’t think it’s real,” said Devenport.

They will go ahead and compete in this weekend's rodeo in honor of Urquijo.