Yesterday, more than 200 Bushland, TX high school students took a stand against abortion.  How?  By not speaking.  By taking a 24 hour vow of silence, they showed the voice of an unborn child, whom would never get to speak, in the Pro Life Silent Day For Solidarity.

Communication by students with teachers was done through expressions, body language and of course, a pen or pencil.

Pro News 7:

"I feel that even if just one person can make a stand, the people will realize abortion isn't the answer," Bushland Senior Sydnie Gregory wrote.

Bushland ISD was not affiliated with the event, but First Amendment rights gave students the chance to register for the event online.  Many donned Roe v. Wade t-shirts, red pro-life signs, red duct tape with the word 'Life' written on front and red pro-life bracelets.  Several pro-life posters were also hanging in the hallways.

Students from more than 1,400 schools across America took part in the event.

Way to go kiddos!  Sometimes it takes a child or teenager, to show the adults the light :)  You guys did AWESOME!

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