As the U.S. begins to buckle back down on COVID-19 mandates due to recent nationwide spikes caused by the Delta variant of the coronavirus, Busta Rhymes has apparently had enough of the restrictions that have been enforced since last March.

Busta has gone viral stemming from a video that surfaced online on Monday (Aug. 23,) in which he is seen at a recent show speaking against the use of masks.

"In the last 15 fuckin' months, COVID could suck a dick," the Brooklyn rapper exclaimed. "All these little weird-ass government policies and mandates, suck a dick. Stop trying to take our civil liberties away. Feels good to be back outside. We outside for real. It's called the God-given right of freedom, right? No human being supposed to tell you you can't even breathe freely. Fuck your mask."

Busta Rhymes then explained why he so strongly opposes the use of protective coverings.

"Some of y'all might feel differently, but fuck your mask," Bussa Bus said. "I can't rhyme to you with a mask on. We can't eat food with a fuckin' mask on. We can't even see each other smile with a mask on. Damn, yo. I come from a time where before I even used to wanna holla at a chick, I used to have to do shit with my face to let her know that I'm into her. All of that energy gets blocked when your mask is on. Energy is important and we are all conductors of fuckin' good energy."

He also told the crowd: "We also gotta be clear when a muthafucka trying to give you bad energy, you can tell from only the expression on their face. I wanna see your face, fuck your mask."

Busta later offered an apology for dipping his foot into political matters while doubling down on the use of masks, which are enforced to prevent the spreading of COVID-19.

"I'm sorry, I got a little political and shit," he added. "I miss my people. We gotta talk. We can party, but we gotta talk. We gotta communicate. We gotta establish new understandings. Fuck that. I ain't going through that shit again. And make sure y'all prepare, too. If anything came out of this muthafucka, [it] was a lot of learning."

Some states were allowing individuals to go without wearing masks if they're vaccinated, but that has since changed. In New York City, not only are masks mandatory, but as of Aug. 16, indoor dining and events can only be attended by people who can show proof of at least one vaccine dose, according to The New York Times.

Check out Busta Rhymes' rant against COVID-19 protocols below.

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