Sometimes I get completely swept up in the internets and as I go down the rabbit hole, I'll come across gems like this on Reddit where someone will ask:

Is there a place in town I can buy a baby goat? I've been thinking about getting one as a pet...

Legit question, I mean as a homeowner myself, the idea of having goats would go far with yard maintenance. They're basically living weed eaters, so why not, right? Is it possible to own a goat in Amarillo?

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Yes... But there's a catch...


Owning a goat here in the yellow city can be done but there's a few hoops you have to jump through.

You Gotta Find A Goat

First things first, goats aren't easy to find, you can't just go into Petco, Pitter Patter or Petsmart and say "I'd like a goat please." Goats are generally found at livestock auctions or private sellers around the panhandle and even if you could manage to find one, You actually need two. Goats are herd animals and need a companion which brings up another set of issues....

Lambs are playing at the farm

They're great escape artists

Goats are hard on fences, Your wood fence here is a laughable barricade to a goat. They are great jumpers, so that dog house next to the fence is a great launching point for them to get out. Oh, and They're loud... you might meet neighbors you didn't know you had and they may not be so pleasant about it. Watch the kids too, While goats are generally personable and workable the occasional charge or headbutt isn't out of the question and with little ones that could be a concern. You would have to upgrade your yard to basically a pen like state which in Amarillo is part of the process of ownership.


Yep, You're gonna need a Pen

The city of Amarillo's municipal code states that livestock can only be held in a private or commercial horse lot (this also includes horses, donkeys, mules and sheep as well) and like our dog and cat friends, they will have to be current with a rabies shot.

Can you own a goat in Amarillo? Short answer yes... long answer... eh... might be more trouble than it's worth. Now if you got some cash... I might just have the perfect house for you and any goat or other livestock you might care to own.

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