Have you ever had a meal totally prepared from local food. I mean stuff that was grown and prepared right here in this great Texas Panhandle. It seems like such an easy task but sit down an think out the menu.

Here is a chance to do just that without any of the work. All veggies, fruits, cheese, meats, everything will be from local producers. This is definitely a one of a kind event. I am pretty excited to find out about this. It is not new. Just something newly discovered by me.

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It's the Canyon Farmer's Market Farm to Table event. It will be happening this Saturday, September 11th, starting at 7pm. The location will be the Creek House Honey Farm - 5005 4th Avenue in Canyon.

The food is not only all local but it will be prepared by local culinary experts. So I promise the menu will be great. From the Canyon Farmer's Market post:

We are excited to announce the 2021 Canyon Farmers' Market Farm to Table Dinner will be hosted at Creek House Honey Farm in Canyon, TX. Food will be prepared by Chef Steve Bautista of Gaea Grazing and Jessica Higgins of Girasol Cafe & Bakery . There will also be live music by Dannie Lake Jr. and there will also be a silent auction of our vendors items.

So it is possible to have a fully cooked meal from all local items. If you want to take a part in this one of a kind event make sure you get your tickets HERE.

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