It almost went down in the Land Down Under. A trip through the airport for Cardi B's team in Sidney, Australia turned chaotic after the rapper was hounded by paparazzi, causing her publicist to snap on one of the unsolicited photogs.

Cardi is on the continent to perform at two big gigs, Origins Fields Festival on Sunday (Dec. 30) in Western Australia and Sydney's Field Day on Tuesday (Jan. 1). She arrived on Saturday (Dec. 29) and made her way through the airport with security and her independent publicist Patientce Foster in tow. Cardi clearly didn't want to take a picture as she breezed through and covered her head with a blanket. This didn't stop the paps from flashing photos and trying to engage the rapper. Several times her security had to notify them to back up so the group could walk freely.

One of the photogs even bucked back. "You're in Australia. It's our rules not yours, mate," he told the rapper's muscle.

Things turned totally left when a woman who was angered by the "I Like It" rhymer's lack of engagement said, "No wonder your husband left you."

That's when Foster went off, coming to Cardi's defense by getting in the violator's face and warning, "Bitch, I'll smack the shit out of you. Don't ever come out your mouth about her mutherfuckin' husband. Watch your mouth."

The woman clearly didn't want smoke and Cardi's team appeared to move on before things escalated.

On Sunday morning, Cardi addressed the incident on Instagram saying she had no problem with how Foster reacted.

"Let me tell you something about my publicist, right. 'Oh, she's ghetto, she this.' My publicist is for me. My publicist is a publicist that does things my way," Cardi said.

The "Be Careful" rapper added, "She should have spit in that fucking lady's face."

Check out how it all went down below.

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