The Vault Gaming Center is relatively new to Amarillo. What they specialize in has been around for generations.

Gamers in Amarillo will have the chance to bring in the new year playing the latest games on PC, console, and VR on New Year's Eve. The Vault Gaming Center will be hosting the event.

The Vault Gaming Center via Facebook
The Vault Gaming Center via Facebook

It's a lock-in that begins at 10 PM and will last until 8 AM the next morning. Personally, I love the idea of skipping out on the traffic and booze for a chance to spend the night doing something I love and have a lot of fun doing.

The event is, of course, family friendly. Those who attend and are 13 and under must be accompanied by an adult. If you're a gamer, and have a gamer kid, this might be the kind of bonding experience you've been looking for.

The Gaming Vault has top of the line gaming PCs at the ready, as well as the latest generation consoles and VR.

All are equipped with the latest and greatest that the gaming industry has to offer. The latest games and hardware will be available to help you bring in 2019.

For an entire night of having your run of the place, it will cost $30 per person or $25 for members. There are group rates available for groups of 4 or more.

For me, this is pretty much all I would be doing anyways. I would be just sitting in my room playing Overwatch and Vermintide 2 with random people. This would be a much better alternative.

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