UPDATE: On Friday (March 22), Cardi B stepped forward to defend her decision to trademark her catchphrase, "Okurrr."

While some criticized Cardi for trademarking the phrase, she has no qualms about the move, and she said as much in a now-deleted Instagram post she uploaded onto her Instagram account.

"White folks do it all the muthafuckin' time, so you gon' be mad at me 'cause I wanna get some muthafuckin' money? [Scoffs] Let me tell you something, while I'm alive, I'ma secure all the fucking bags," she says in the video.

Watch Cardi B defend her decision to trademark her catchphrase in the video below.


Outside of her chart-topping songs, Cardi B fans love to recite her popular catchphrases. The Grammy Award-winning artist is now seeing the value in her slogans and is making sure she capitalizes on it.

According to a March 21 report from Page Six, Cardi B has filed legal papers with the United States Patent and Trademark Office to trademark “Okurrr," which is her definitive signature catchphrase, for merchandising purposes. In the documents, which were filed on March 11, it's stipulated that the catchphrase will be used on a proposed clothing line (featuring hoodies, pants, hats, leggings, T-shirts and more), as well as on paper goods like cups and posters.

Although Cardi submitted paperwork for the trademark “Okurrr,” she also made sure to file documents for a version of the catchphrase spelled with only two R's. This is a smart move on her part.

Cardi B has a lot on her plate right now. The 26-year-old rapper just secured her first movie role in Jennifer Lopez's new movie called Hustlers. In addition, Cardi is set to perform a series of shows for a residency at KAOS nightclub at the Palms Residency in Las Vegas in April. If that's not all, she is also dropping her second album this year.


Watch Cardi B defend her decision to trademark her catchphrase in the video below. See Cardi B explain her famous catchphrases like "Okurrr" on the Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon beneath that.

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