Yes ladies & gentlemen, this is the kind of society we live in.  A society where a man caught with marijuana can get life in prison and get repeatedly assaulted by inmates, but a woman that kills her daughter in cold blood gets rewarded with big cash!  If your anything like me, those first 2 lines already have you seeing red, but let me get through this blog before you punch your computer monitor.

Jose Baez, Casey Anthony's lawyer, is in New York City holding negotiations with all the major networks to work out a price for her first interview since the trial.  As in any other case the highest bidder will win.

Sources tell TMZ:

NBC, ABC and CBS are all competing for the first interview.  Sources connected with the negotiations tell TMZ there is a "big price tag" for the interview.  We're told the networks -- which say they don't pay for interviews -- are offering to license photos and other material and pay big bucks ... that's S.O.P. in the network game.

So again, take solice in the fact that you can accidently run over a person on your way home tonight and get charged with man slaughter and sit in prison for years and years, while a flat out cold blooded murderer is going to get paid big bucks for it!  Oh yeah, I mean BIG BUCKS!  And God bless the media for encouraging this whole mess!  May the devil have no mercy on Casey's soul when she makes it to hell!

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