The biggest fear for a driver? Well, it's of course getting in a car accident, I don't want to sell that short.

However, the SECOND biggest fear, right up there with getting in an accident, is getting pulled over.

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I'm sure you would agree that there is a certain amount of panic that goes through you the second you see an officer on the road. You could be obeying every single law in the book, but if there's a cop behind you or next to you, you probably tense up a bit.

To make matters worse, there are those times when the officer is "hiding. I put that in quotes because they aren't allowed to be completely hidden, but enough to where you don't see them until the last minute.

Yesterday, a lot of people got popped by that exact thing around I-40 and Washington. There was a speed trap set up, and that typically means bad things for drivers.

With one motorcycle officer sitting up top on the overpass, and a few others parked underneath the overpass to grab you once they're alerted from high.

This morning I was at a convenience store when I saw an officer in there. As I was checking out, I heard him mention the speed trap I saw yesterday and started talking to him. It was staggering what he told me.

He said there were three officers underneath the overpass, he was one of them. He himself handed out 22 tickets. Just him. His compatriots handed out a similar amount he said.

The speed limit down I-40 on that stretch is 60 mph. When he asked me what I thought they were stopping people at, I guessed 65 mph. I know they typically give the driver a 5 mph cushion.

My answer was incorrect. In fact, I wasn't even close. The officer shook his head at my guess, then simply responded with "75".

Wait, you mean to tell me they were giving drivers 15 mph in this speed trap yesterday and he alone STILL wrote 22 tickets? I can think of literally ONE time anyone should be speeding at that rate, and it's if they're rushing someone to the hospital. Really we should leave that to an ambulance.

Maybe it's time to slow down Amarillo. Remember, you may be in a hurry and think you'll get somewhere faster by speeding, but you'll waste even more time getting pulled over than if you had been going the speed limit.

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