When it comes to tradition it becomes something you can pass down through the generations.  Christmas time is the perfect time to start a tradition.


Over 8 years ago, I started a tradition in my home.  When E was a wee one, I brought a nutcracker home and he attached himself to that nutcracker.  He took it with him everywhere.  That's when I thought, hey, this could become a real cool tradition.  We'll get a nutcracker every single year.  It's been fun picking out a new nutcracker each holiday season.

Braden said his Christmas tradition with his family is the last 25+ years, my whole gang would go to Hershey Park for the lights, shows, and food. They do it big for Christmas. Here's more info on Hersey Park in case you don't know about it, hersheypark.com.

Brice S. said his Christmas tradition when his daughter was younger was to find snow globes and give them to her at Christmas.

Ann M. - Christmas tradition is every year I had a really neat cup and saucer, just for Christmas, and the last thing before I went to bed, I would put milk, and Cookies out for Santa. I always got up to see if they were gone the next morning. Then on Christmas we would have homemade Eggnog, and would each open one gift. Those were such special memories that I hold dear to my heart, and still carry on the tradition. I miss my parents so, and Christmas is not the same without them.

Shannon L's - It’s tradition in my family to play Bob Rivers Christmas Music while opening gifts.

Pam B. - I collect Boyd's Angels

Diane C. - We buy a new ornament each year with the year on it! Plus now we either get one for Lizzy or date one she makes as a keepsake for her.

Ginger H. - We collect different Santas

Joannie K. - Homemade noodles. Recipe pasted down in the family for generations

Melissa B. - Me and my daughter go to Denny's every Christmas Eve about midnight or so.....eat and tip the waitress who is stuck there on Christmas Eve very WELL!!!

Augustine C. - eat, and hearty power nap

Bridget B. - I collect mooses

Amy H. - I collect Nutcrackers too!



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