I'm pretty stoked football is almost here!  I can't lie, I love it when the Cowboys win especially when it's against the Denver Broncos!  You see, I'm a Texan all the way to my core.  Tommy The Hacker however is not.  He's from the mile high city and is a hard core Broncos fan.  So last night of course he was pulling for Denver to win.  I gotta say, I thought they were going to.  But the Cowboys had a huge turn around in the game, taking home the win 24-23.

Kyle Orton was definitely looking good on the field, more then I can say for Tim Tebow.  While Dallas was looking sticky at first, the last quarter they really picked up!  3rd string quarter back Stephen McGee came through with 2 4th down completions inside the 2 minute warning.  Something you can always expect from the boys is a game that keeps you on the edge of your seat all the way through the end.

Expect lots of noise between me and Tommy this season.  He's definitely not a band wagon fan and neither am I.  He will always support Denver and I will always support Dallas.  And we will always have disagreements about it.

Who you routing for this season?  My vote, anyone but New Orleans.  I'm tired of them getting all this credit and people acting like they deserve a win because they got hit with a hurricane.  Hello, hurricane's have nothing to do with football.  You say, "but Dallas it was the first championship win for the team", well maybe there's a reason for that.  Maybe it's because they suck, ya think?  Anyways, chime in here, who's on your list to take home the Vince Lombardi trophy?


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