Well the Super Bowl is all set to go. The Kansas City Chiefs will take on the San Francisco 49ers, which means we are more than likely going to see and hear about Taylor Swift. Well, one place in Amarillo TX. isn't complaining about that.

In fact, they're embracing it because it's leading to some big sales for them in the store.

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CB Boutique here in Amarillo started stocking some gear from the Chiefs and 49ers in their store as they knew there would be some demand for it once the big game was set. Let's be honest, it's not easy to find Chiefs and Niners gear in the city.

It's even tougher to find those niche items or specific clothing for women to wear. If you find it in the wild out here, it's normally just your typical t-shirt or a hat. CB Boutique made sure those niche items could be found.

They've been stocking things like hair bows and other items in the store, but one team they can't seem to keep on the shelf. Yup, you guessed it. Chiefs stuff is FLYING out of the store, and there's no doubt that's in part to Chiefs TE Travis Kelce's relationship with Taylor Swift.

Nicole Ballin, owner of CB Boutique said that over 85 Chiefs sweatshirts have been sold at the store, while only 30 or so sweatshirts for the Niners have walked out the door.

They said they're struggling to keep Chiefs stuff in stock, and people are constantly calling asking if they have anything in stock. If they do, customers are asking them to hold an item or two for them, then they come racing in to purchase it.

Now, the Chiefs are a regional team, but Texas is home to the Houston Texans and Dallas Cowboys, both of whom made the playoffs this season. Not to mention the Cowboys are universally loved. With both teams out though, it appears the Chiefs are the favorite in Amarillo.

You can check out their website here and you can call them at (806) 356-5068 to see if they have what you're looking for in stock.

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