So Charlie Sheen was telling bad jokes on Jay Leno last night and he actually admits that he deserved to get the axe from 2 & 1/2 Men.  This is actually great because admitting you have a problem is the first step to recovery.  They don't make prescription drugs for being an ass, so he'll have to rehabilitate the all natural way.

The best way, is to get the crap kicked out of you.  Or at least that worked for me! Breaking down the segment, it went a little something like this:

Sheen was asked if he was still angry towards CBS and the Two And A Half Men producers over the sacking. “No, no. I would have fired my ass, too.”
As for his media blitz last spring, “I said some things that were a little out there,” Sheen said. “I might have overshot the mark a little bit. But these were just metaphors. I didn’t really believe I had tiger blood or Adonis DNA. These were just jokes.”
Leno followed up with, “Many people thought you were out of control. Were you out of control?” Answered Sheen, “Absolutely.

Isn't he still out of control?  Have you seen the commercials for the Roast of Charlie Sheen?  He's still pretty full of himself, and I thought I was a conceded ass!  Well, when you got enough cash to blow through drugs and hookers left and right, it probably does something to your brain.

Really think about it.  How out of control would you be if you were rich?  Don't you dare say you would be a model citizen, donating time and money to charity and setting an example for the rest of the world.  You, just like me, would lose your mind and start doing things you've never done before until you hit rock bottom just like Sheen did.  Don't act like your an angel or any better then the Sheen.