Four words have taken TikTok by storm: "It's a chicken salad."

Now, people are flocking to East 81st St. Deli in Cleveland, Ohio, to grab a bite of the local lunch delicacy all thanks to a viral video of Cleveland resident Tanisha Godfrey fawning over the deli's chicken salad.

"Y'all better come up here and get one of these," Godfrey says in the viral clip.

When someone off camera asks her what it is, she quips, "It's a chicken salad," and lists off some of the ingredients: chicken, pickles, banana peppers, bell peppers, tomatoes and onions.

Watch the viral clip below:

Originally posted back in August, the TikTok video recently went viral on the app, earning more than 1.9 million views to date.

In particular, viewers appear to be transfixed by Godrey's relaxed, yet passionate cadence as she praises the otherwise unassuming chicken salad.

"The way she said chicken salad makes it sound so good ... I can not explain it," one person commented.

"You made it sound like it’s the hottest thing out," another wrote.

Even Lizzo has recreated the moment. Watch below:

Wael Herbawi, owner of the now-infamous deli, told Bon Appetit that all the positive attention his deli has received from the viral video has increased sales.

"I'm making triple the amount of money that I usually make," he said, adding that people have driven all the way from California and Georgia to get their hands on his chicken salad.

Herbawi also shared that the secret to his salad's success is its secret dressing, though he has no intention of giving away the ingredients. You'll just have to make a trip out to Cleveland if you wanna taste it for yourself!

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