The Slug Bug Ranch is closed...

....It's temporary, don't worry!

Located right off I-40 East in itsy bitsy Conway, the Slug Bug Ranch has been the proudly lesser-known cousin to Cadillac Ranch since 2002. With a row of rusted, colorful VW Beetles buried nose-down in the ground, the Bug Ranch is a joyful tourist draw for that patch of the highway.

Maybe that's why I was so confused when I spied the "BUG RANCH IS NOW CLOSED...NO TRESPASSING" that was now the "Name" of the place on Google Maps, accompanied by the "Permanently Closed" option shown in red type.

Google Maps
Google Maps

How do you even *close* something like that? I wondered to myself out loud.

It seemed like the update and closing announcement took place on October 17th, which is fairly recent. Alright, maybe I missed something.. I thought to myself as I did a quick search on trusty ol' Facebook Groups.

Sure enough, I got my answer in the form of good news: the closing would be a temporary one.

Straight From The Source

Turns out, I wasn't the only one who noticed the name change on Google Maps. In one of the many Facebook groups I'm in, some one had posted a screenshot in a Historic Route 66 group, looking to verify the information.

And right there in the comments, yet another resourceful user posted a screenshot of their conversation with the property owner of the Bug Ranch.

Apparently, the property as a whole will be off-limits in order for renovations and repairs to be made.

As you can see above, they expect to be able to reopen by December 1st and even hint at some possible new perks for any traveling tourists who pull over to spend a little while at the Bug Ranch.

Google Maps
Google Maps

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