Instead of talking about what you can't do, the Governor has signed off on a new law that actually says what you can do. As of September 1st, your kids will be able to legally have a lemonade stand.

The bill would prevent cities and neighborhood associations from prohibiting or regulating kids that are selling non-alcoholic drinks. As long as the kids aren't spiking the lemonade, no one can tell them to stop.

Yes, we can talk about how dumb it was for officers in an East Texas town to shut down a lemonade stand. Yes, we could talk about how idiotic it was for lemonade stands to be illegal in the first place.

The governor referred to it as "common sense legislation." It's sad, in a way, that common sense needs to be legislated in the first place.

I am a bit relieved to see something like this. It seems that all we hear about coming from our state capital is what we can't do. Now in one single session, we have regained brass knuckles, gotten rid of red light cameras, and made lemonade stands legal.

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