Running a lemonade stand is a fun way for kids to make some money and learn about running a business. But if they ever run into a snag with permits, Country Time Lemonade is there to help!

In some areas of the country, it is illegal to operate a lemonade stand and there is, of course, jerks who will report your kids if they see it. Some places require you to have a permit, which after spending the money to cover that cost, it kid will never make a profit which really defeats the purpose of opening a stand.

So what do you do if you have to get a permit? Go to the source where you are getting your lemonade. Country Time Lemonade is doing something pretty cool. They will cover the cost of your child's permit up to $300. They are calling this, "Country Time LEGAL Ade."

To get your child's legal aid from Country Time just go to You will need to send them a picture of the permit or fine you received.

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