Chris Beard is a real leader of men. His team didn't quit tonight, even though they were down by 10 late in the second half, they just ran out of time in OT after a replay erased momentum. Beard didn't take a shot at the officials though, he remained humble in defeat, talked about his players. His five seniors, who will all graduate this May, were all in the locker room with real emotions Beard said.

Beard quickly moved on from the loss and had a message for the future of the Texas Tech program.

"We'll bounce back. In terms of Texas Tech basketball, we're not going anywhere." Beard continued, " We'll be back in this tournament sooner than later and we intend to be a part of college basketball as we build a program."

With Chris Beard at the helm, you can't ever count Texas Tech out of it. Athletic Director for Texas Tech Kirby Hocutt echoed beard's sentiments in his postgame thoughts as well.

"It's very bittersweet. We wanted this win but I couldn't be more proud. The grit, the fortitude to fight back and get this time to overtime. That's the fabric of West Texas." Hocutt opened before continuing on about the future, "The experience of this just elevates your entire brand. Nationally and the perception of Texas Tech University. Coach Beard's passion and work ethic, he's not going to be outworked. We'll be back." He closed.

Hocutt said he had a chance to speak to him after the game, but didn't really dig ino what was said beyond Hocutt thanking Beard for this season.

Then he said this about a possible extension:

So, by Thursday the conversation will be had. Expect news early next week by the latest of something finalizing.

It's good to have solid leadership at the top of the pyramid, and Hocutt and Beard are two of the best around.

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