Chris Brown is quite the roll model!  Wait a sec, what am I saying!?  I meant, Chris Brown is quite the work of art!  Damn, I messed up again.  Okay, take 3!  Chris Brown is quite the maniac!  A bar brawl involving Chris has left a bloody mess at W.I.P. night club, and lots of speculation as to what actually happened.



First, it's rumored that Drake and Brown got into it at the club.  While I do pray that this is true and Drake laid a beat down on Brown, Drake is denying that he was involved.

TMZ reports:

Drake is adamant ... he is not responsible for the bloody gash on Chris Brown's face ... claiming he was simply leaving the nightclub when the brawl broke out ... but sources tell us, the fight started after Chris Brown and a rapper at Drake's table started trash talking each other.

It is confirmed that a screaming match between the 2 tables did ensue, but as far as there definitely being a fight, as of now, just rumors.

The latest news that TMZ is reporting is that an innocent victim, Hollie, was in the states from Australia, and she was welcomed by Brown's camp, with a bottle to the face.  She was transported to the hospital, where she received 16 stitches to her head, and a memory that will definitely last a lifetime!

It's also rumored that Brown's body guard took a massive gash to his head in the brawl.  Also due to bottles being thrown around and used like weapons.  He's a big dude, and his gash is GIGANTIC!

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