A message that reads "No men were harmed in the making of this video" is how Christina Aguilera's 'Your Body' clip opens. So while Xtina looks the part of femme fatale with her blonde hair wrapped with pink extensions, mega high heels, loads of jewlery and leopard-print tights, she isn't that much of a vixen. Or is she?

Well, she escapes her cereal eating, trailer park life by hitchiking and hooking up with a scruffy hottie. When he falls asleep, she blows up his car... with him in it. It's a pink blaze that erupts behind her, as well. So the answer is, yes, she is a bad, bad girl. Lookout for this one, boys.

She hits a seedy dive bar looking like Xtina from the 'Dirrty' era, with braids and extensions, but no piercings or assless chaps. She goes into the filthy bathroom with one of the patrons but instead of getting busy, she douses him with blue paint.

Elsewhere, Xtina the Lolita heads to the convenience mart, gets herself a slushy, self-tans in an outdoor bed, drives a pink pick-up truck and hits a hotel with a dude, where glitter confetti rains from the sky. Of course it's pink. This onscreen romping makes us question just how much trouble she can get in or if she's just indulging in a very detailed fantasy to cure her bored, trailer park, 'I Love Lucy' and cartoon-watching imagination.

We're left thinking that this Christina Aguilera is a maneater. Don't let the pink fluff fool you!

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