There's been a lot of talk about Christina Aguilera and her body.  Why can't people just appreciate?  She's gained some weight, yes, but if she's comfortable in her own skin, why can't the world just accept it?  On her latest album cover, Lotus, Christina exercises her theory that "less clothing is always better".  But is it even her in the photos?

There's a ton of people out there claiming that it's not her. That the pictures aren't even pictures, but drawings, and that they look nothing like the singer.

Either way, she went on the Ellen DeGeneres show today, and Ellen popped the question!


Ellen: Why did you go naked on Lotus?


Christina: “I like to be free,” Aguilera explained. “Sometimes, the less clothing, the better! I’m just comfortable in my skin and my body.”

You decide for yourself.  All the photos are safe for work, so no worries there!

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