I don't get the times we live in now.  When I was a child, my dad disciplined me.  Sometimes I needed a good smack in the butt!  But the times we live in now, if your child has a bruise on them, some stupid person is going to make wild accusations that you somehow go party then come home to beat your kids.  What do they think it relaxes you to discipline your children?  I gotta say, some people need to mind their own business.

Anyways moving on.  Christina Aguilera's son Max was seen at LAX yesterday with a bruise on his face.  This photo was taken and the rumors began.  Claiming Christina's "erratic behavior and alleged booze-filled outings" somehow contributed to Max's accident.

Well a source tells TMZ that the rumors are:

"total nonsense -- 3-year-old Max was out with his nanny last week, chasing around squirrels ... and the kid tripped over a rock and bruised his face."

Yes I believe this!  Kids are brave, they try things out, they trip over things, they hurt themselves all the time!  But when Christina's child has a bruise on her face suddenly she's an abusive alcoholic?  How come we've never heard something like that before?  It's because d-bags and d-bagets everywhere are trying to justify their own poorly lived lives by smothering others in negativity.

Okay so your friend smokes crack and abuses their children, well you need to do something about that!  Someone you know is a hard, honest worker, they have kids and one of their kids has a bruise on his or her face.  99% of the time it's due to an accident fueled by the child's curiosity.  Again, some people need to mind their own business!