Amarillo Color Run 2013 [VIDEO/PHOTOS]
Definitely had a blast at my first Color Run in 2013!  Amarillo showed massive support in the first year here, even beating out way bigger Texas cities!  Major kudos to all those that came out and showed support!
Five Lifelong Friends Take the Same Photo Every Five Years
In 1982, John Wardlaw was joined by four of his high school buddies at his family’s cabin in Copco Lake, California. During their retreat the five friends, who were all about 19, shot a group photo using a self-timing camera.
They didn’t think much of it at the time, but when they all found themselve…
Wanna See Nicki Minaj In A Bikini? [Photos]
So earlier today I was talking about seeing these pictures of Nicki Minaj in a bikini and now I'm here to hook you up with a peek at them.  She went to the beach beach to get away and thankfully a paparazzi was there to follow her like a hound on the hunt, but she sure don't seem to mind.  I've alwa…

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