When it comes to eating, I am not only very picky, but I expect that the people preparing it to be super clean and sanitary.  One thing for sure, I don't want to find anything in my food.  So when I read that Christina Milian found gum in her salad, I wanted to throw up.

Noone wants to go out to their favorite restaurant and halfway through the meal find a little "surprise" in their food.  Too bad for Christina Milian.  The other day the pop star was having dinner at Mexicali Restaurant in Studio City, when halfway through her Kobe Beef Salad she found a weird chewy thing in her mouth.  Someone's chewing gum!  Yuck!  According to reports she hauled butt to the restroom to throw up.

I don't blame her.  The restaurant comped her meal, but she still filed a report with the LA Department of Health.  Not only that, but there are rumors that she is finding a lawyer to sue.

The owner, Allen Ravert, made a statement that said:

"We have been here for over 17 years and always had an A rating from the health department ... We have cameras in our kitchen and didn't see anything." He added, "Our cooks don't chew gum. Whether there was gum in [Christina's salad] or not I couldn't say - I never saw it."

It kind of sounds like he thinks she is lying.   Whether she is or isn't, this story makes me never want to go out to eat again.  Well that is until I go to the fair.  The vendors there are super clean, right?

So here is my question, have you ever found anything totally gross in your food?

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