It's only been a few weeks since Future dropped his countersuit against Ciara, but she's already hit back at her ex, filing new documents that allege Future has threatened to harm her fiance, quarterback Russell Wilson.

In her filings, Ciara cited what she believes are threats Future aimed at Wilson, according to TMZ. She calls out a specific Instagram post Future allegedly wrote last year -- consisting of two football emojis followed by three gun emojis -- as evidence of a threat against Wilson.

Ciara also refers to lyrics from the song “Juice,” which Future released last month, that say, “It’s personal, free ‘em now / Murder trials, OJ Simpson / White on white, OJ Simpson / Double murder, OJ Simpson / Oh that’s your girl? You know I hit her / Pity [expletive], she through with themTryna f—k my baby mama dog, what’s up with you? / You gon’ make me get that heat, I’m pulling up on you.”

The alleged documents, obtained by Hot 97, explain Ciara's stance on the lyrics, which she claims are not only a direct threat to Wilson, but are "socially irresponsible" in light of recent mass shootings.

"The lyrics seem to imply a real threat made directly at Plaintiff’s fiancé. Instead of dispelling the rumors by making a public statement to calm the implication of a threat, Defendant has so far remained silent," the document reads. "While Plaintiff recognizes Defendant’s First Amendment right to free speech, Plaintiff has to wonder what type of parent makes such a socially irresponsible song talking about 'double murder' in times such as these where there has been a recent rash of gun violence."

Future, meanwhile, denied ever posting the emoji comment during an interview with The Breakfast Club last year.

"I didn’t do that but they thought I did," he said. "I wouldn’t do something like that...It was a fake Facebook page — she even thought it was real. She got lawyers calling about that."

Hours after Ciara's filings surface, Future tweeted:

Twitter has, naturally, reacted to the latest development in the Ciara/Future case, which at this point seems unending. Check those out below and head over to Hot 97 to read the alleged court documents, which include quotes from Future's recent deposition.

Ciara originally filed a defamation lawsuit against Future earlier this year, citing several incidents where the rapper publicly denounced her skills as a mother. She’s suing him for $15 million.

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