A surefire way for a new business to claim their stake in Amarillo is to put one of Center City's horses in front of their business. Amarillo's Cinergy did just that Saturday afternoon.

Here's one horse with a name. Cinergy was offering season passes to their movie theater for the person, who gave their horse a name. Surprise! Two people came up with the name, and Cinergy has given them BOTH the grand prize.

John Phillips and Alexandria Nolan both came up with the name "Flix." The next time you go to catch a movie, bowl, play laser tag, or ride the zip line, you can say hello to Amarillo's newest horse statue, by name.

A nice crowd showed up for Saturday afternoon's naming ceremony which included free horse rides, on a real horse, face painting and visits with Woody & Jesse from Toy Story.

Since 2002, about 100 horse statues had found their way outside of Amarillo's businesses. The American Quarter Horse Association is the title sponsor for the project. AQHA purchased the first 20 horses to start the project. Each horse is painted by a local artist, who receives an honorarium for the artistic work.

The horses are an exact replica of a full-size Quarter Horse. The fiberglass statues weigh approximately 125 pounds. Cinergy's horse was painted jet black and stands in the southeast corner.

Do you want a horse? Businesses and individuals can purchase a horse at a cost of $4,000, which includes the completed fiberglass horse, the artist’s fee, a concrete slab and a plaque recognizing the name of the artist and owner. Center City matches the buyer with an artist to create a design for the horse. Average time to create a Hoof Prints Quarter Horse from start to finish is from three to six months.

After installation, the horse becomes yours! If you need more information, call the nice folks at Center City Amarillo at 372-6744.

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