It's official. We have a new local celebrity right here in Amarillo, TX. and he comes from a place that we all know and love.

His name is Brayden Wilhelm, and he's the department manager over at Cinergy. Now I know, you're looking at that and saying, what about that makes him a celebrity right?

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Well normally I'd say nothing. That just says Brayden has a good job at the Amarillo entertainment mecca and is doing well. Working at Cinergy has its perks though, and one of those perks is being able to play all the games there.

So why is he now a local celebrity? Well maybe it's because he recently was in a VAR BOX eSports tournament that was going on worldwide and he took down third place in the entire tournament. I know, again, you're sitting there saying, cool he took third place. He didn't even win the whole thing.

No, he may not have won the tournament, but you knw what he did do? He set the U.S. record for high score on the game 'Overkill' with a 150. Yes, no one in the United States has ever scored higher than Brayden in the game. Now THAT is what gives him celebrity status.

So how did Wilhelm get so into the game? He said, “VAR BOX has been a very competitive game amongst my colleagues. It started with us competing with each other but soon became about trying to show the global leaderboard that we can keep up."

And keep up he did in the tourney. He took home a little bit of cash for finishing in third, but the big prize was become a record holder in the game. Now, it's off to see if I can top his score...once I figure out what the game even is.

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