I was driving home from seeing some family earlier this evening when my wife pointed out some light smoke she could see in the sky.

We decided to hop off the highway at I-40 and Georgia to see if we could find it. When we did come upon it, we were shocked at what we saw.

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Smoke was lightly floating through the strip mall on Civic Cir. where the 575 Pizzeria resides. However, it was the Circle N Appliance that was the root of the smoke.

We arrived there before any first responders and found about 15-20 people in the parking lot just watching what appeared to be unfolding.

As I was standing outside the building taking pictures, you could hear a cavalcade of sirens coming down the road. Before I knew it, there were a good six firetrucks, several police cars, and and ambulance there. They arrived maybe 2-3 minutes after we did.

It was the first time I had seen firefighters in true action like that before, and it was an amazing sight to see. They hopped out of the trucks and immediately sprung into action. Firehoses being dropped, firefighters assessing the situation and immediately trying to figure out how to attack it.

The ladder was drawn on one truck as they climbed it to check the top of the building trying to figure out which building was housing the fire. Then the orchestration of attacking the fire commenced.

According to Jeremy Hill, PIO officer for AFD, they received a call from 575 Pizzeria at 6:40pm after they reported seeing smoke in their building. They did a check around their building, and after realizing it wasn't coming from there, made the call that something was on fire at the strip mall.

Hill also mentioned on scene that the seat of the fire was in Circle N Appliance and would be contained before the night was done. Smoke damage is expected to other buildings within the strip mall.


Pictures of Circle N Appliance in Amarillo Catching On Fire

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