We at KISS-FM love you, our listener, our reader, our friend, our co-worker. We love giving you every opportunity to win great prizes through our station. Recently we gave you the chance to win a 5-day Western Caribbean cruise. We have our winner!!!

All you had to do was download the KISS-FM app, submit a selfie and tell us why you needed that cruise. We had a lot of great entries and from those entries, we chose our winner.

And the winner is...

Alexandra Whiteside

A reason why I need a vacation...that's a long list, so I'll make it short. My boyfriend and I have been through so much this past few months. for 2 years we had been trying to have a baby, it just didn't seem to be in our cards. However, in December we found out that were we finally having a baby!! We were so happy and excited, just couldn't believe it!! That excitement was short-lived, in January we eagerly awaited our first OB appointment, to see our tiny little grape. what we found was devastating, our little grape was growing and just so tiny..you could see a little head, little nubs forming into arms and legs, but we were missing one crucial aspect..a heartbeat. What started out to be our dream come true quickly became our worst nightmare. after losing our baby our relationship was truly tested. My man lost the love of his life to depression. I could barely eat or sleep, cried all day, just completely lost myself in grief. I'm slowly fighting back and pulling my head above water. I feel terrible for my boyfriend because he didn't just lose his baby he also lost me in the process. I think it would be good for us to get out and find ourselves again. to get away and forget the pain for a little bit. to reconnect and find some peace. Just an experience to bring a smile back to our faces and enjoy a break. I'd love to give this vacation to him to show him that he hasn't lost me for good and that we can move forward and find happiness again. he deserves this. I think everyone could use a vacation, but I'd love for it to be us!

Congratulations to Alexandra and her family. Don't forget we have more chances for you to win!!!  Here are a few:

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