We have a new number to replace 2020 with, 10,000- as in CASH, beginning Monday morning be listening ten times a day starting at 8AM with Brooke and Jeffrey to win your cash with Brooke and Jeffrey’s cash codes.


What would you buy? A pool in the backyard, a getaway to Las Vegas maybe a new kitchen or even pay your rent for a year.  It’s up to you because it’s your money to spend.  Brooke and Jeffrey’s Cash Code will give you the money that you need NOW.

Winning is easy and fun to play, get all your family and friends to play. Make it a challenge to see who cashes in first. We will have multiple daily ONE THOUSAND dollar winners, so you need to play every hour. We give you so many chances to win, if you don’t play, well that’s on you-just listen to everyone else who’s winning on 96.9 KISS FM.

No other radio station in Amarillo has more $$$$$ than 96.9 KISS FM. Listen for Brooke and Jeffrey’s Cash Codes and watch it rain over you.

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