It was like Santa Claus coming early for residents is southwest Florida over the holiday weekend.  I mean if Santa Claus was a copper stealing jack hole.  Authorities say about 300 residents were without home phone service after a copper thief pulled a jack move and pulled the copper from the utility boxes in Port Charlotte, FL.

The Charlotte Country Sheriff's Office says locals within about a mile radius of the utility boxes the thieves stole the copper from lost their phone service.  And this is just another copper crime committed to phone company utility boxes within a matter of days.  It's looking like a reoccurring incident so I think the thief or thieves whichever it is, deserves a cool name.


Oh that's going to read nicely in headlines!  Copper Choppers Strike Again!  Your welcome in advance all you bloggers and writers out there that wanna rip off my name for these copper stealing culprits.  Looks like Cash for Gold is sooooooooo last month and Cash for Copper is the new thing!

The whole story has me pondering on 2 things.  My first thought is, and I'm just spit balling here.  But if you could come up with an invention that would actually prevent copper from being stolen, you'd be sitting on a gold mine!  There has got to be something other then just posting camera's up at every single place that could be a location for stealing copper.  I don't know much about electronics or I would already be all over it.

Second thought, people still use house phones?  What!?  It didn't knock out the cell phone service and honestly I know like maybe 4 people that have a home phone, but even they have cell phones.  So really, not it left 300 residents screwed, blued and tattooed.  I mean it was a pretty crappy time and maybe a few of the residents didn't have cell phones, and to those people I must say GET WITH IT!

The sad fact is we live in a world where if you leave yourself or your stuff vulnerable to thieves, someone will take advantage of the opportunity to steal from you.  And with the price of copper on the rise, it's a pretty easy target.

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