The Biebs can’t stay out of legal trouble lately it seems!

The cops want to re-open questioning of both Justin Bieber and his lady love Selena Gomez about an alleged altercation that took place between The Biebs an a photographer back in Calabasas, Calif. back in May.

The ‘Boyfriend’ singer and his girlfriend were exiting a movie theater in the Los Angeles suburb when they were, like usual, hounded by the paparazzi clamoring for a photo. The Biebs and a snapper reportedly had a bit of a physical altercation, but he and Gomez left the scene by the time police showed up. The story was a hot one during Memorial Day weekend and the height of Biebs’ international promotional tour for ‘Believe,’ but the hoopla quickly died down as the case was kicked to the D.A’s office for review back in June.

Now it’s been kicked back to the cops in an information-seeking attempt, according to TMZ. The authorities want to have a little fireside chat with Bieber and Gomez in effort to glean more facts about what happened outside the movie theater that fateful day in May, since the pap claimed to have been injured by Biebs. Insiders in Biebs’ camp claim that he will indeed speak to cops about the incident. He must have nothing to hide.

The Biebs is currently embroiled in another paparazzi case, this one from July, when a pap chased him at dangerous speeds down the 101 Freeway in L.A. It’s been a total mess, with The Biebs filing a complaint against the photog and the snapper in turn fighting a paparazzi law, calling it unconstitutional.

Poor Biebs! He cannot get a moment’s peace.

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