The home-owned restaurant closed up shop with a simple note.

On April 1st, 1954, The Country Pride restaurant opened its doors in Amarillo. They served hamburgers and malts to the people stopped at the old railroad tracks. In 1970, the owners took down the drive-in and added more seating inside the restaurant in 1978. Other than those small changes, Country Pride remained the same throughout the years.

It's somewhat out of the way of traffic, so the majority of customers were regulars. The building is at 58th and Washington and mostly hidden by the Washington overpass.

However, it still came as a shock to the Country Pride's adoring customers when they discovered the nondescript note taped to the front door explaining that the restaurant was closed for good.

The note read: “As of today, April 6, 2016, the restaurant is no longer open. We have closed permanently due to retirement. We want to thank you for the last 62 years. Have a good day.”

Amarillo still has a variety of old-fashioned, local restaurants to check out if you need your Country Pride fix.

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