Ted Cruz and Hillary Clinton received the most votes by a landslide on Super Tuesday in Texas.

Texas is a primarily Republican state. We have only had a majority of Democratic votes in a presidential election three times in the past 50 years. So the Texas primary promised to bring a lot of votes to the Republican candidates. However, it was up in the air as to who would clinch the win. Would the conservatives choose Donald Trump, the controversial candidate, or Ted Cruz, the candidate openly endorsed by Texas governor Greg Abbott?

As for the Democratic vote, Hillary Clinton has a history of wins in Texas. She won the Texas primary in 2008, but Barack Obama went on to win the nomination.

The results are in!

Ted Cruz received over 1 million votes, over 48% of the Republican vote. He will have 99 delegates from Texas. Donald Trump came in second place with only 750,000 votes and 33 delegates. Marco Rubio placed third with 500,000 votes and 3 delegates. Across the majority of counties in Texas, Ben Carson remained steady in the top four. Unfortunately, neither he nor John Kasich will get any delegates from Texas.

In Potter and Randall Counties, Cruz received over 18,900 votes.

Hillary Clinton received 930,000 votes, clinching 122 delegates from Texas. Sanders fell far behind, with only 470,000 votes and 48 delegates.

In Potter and Randall Counties, Clinton got just around 3,000 votes.

Over 29,000 Texas Republicans voted 'uncommitted.'

Overall, Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton prevailed on Super Tuesday. Trump won 7 states, including Arkansas, Alabama, Tennessee Georgia, Virginia, Vermont, and Maryland. Hillary led the race in Texas, Arkansas, Alabama, Tennessee, Georgia, Virginia, and Maryland.

Cruz won Texas, Oklahoma, and Alaska, while Marco Rubio grabbed a win in Minnesota.

Sanders pulled ahead in Colorado, Minnesota, Oklahoma, and Vermont.

In order to win the nomination, Republican need 1,237 delegates. Trump currently has 316, Cruz has 226, and Rubio has 106.

For Democrats, 2,383 delegates are needed to win the nomination. Hillary has 577 pledged delegates and Sanders has 386.

The next set of primaries and caucuses will take place on Friday, March 5th, in Kansas, Louisiana, Nebraska, Kentucky, and Maine.

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