Albert Pujols has hit a lot of home runs in his career (more than 500!), but this dinger has raised eyebrows.

After Pujols mashed a solo homer against the White Sox on Monday night, a fan leaned over to try and scoop up the ball. Small problem, though: he was holding his child and both nearly flipped over.

He got his glove on the ball, but couldn't quite latch onto it, putting a new spin on the phrase, "So close, yet so far away."

A rep for the team then swooped in and threw the ball to another fan. A short time later, though, someone from the broadcast went down and gave the dad a ball autographed by the announcers.

While he did finally get a ball, some people think the father went too far and put his kid in danger. It's the latest example of a father who's put his kid in harm's way, all in the name of getting a game ball.

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