A survey by Caress Skincare reveals that 40% of singles use dating sites and apps. Read on for other findings. 

- 50% of men say in-person non-verbal cues are what make a woman unforgettable

- 60% of men say their partner is desirable because of her soft touch or irresistible scent

Biggest second-date deal breakers:

  • Lack of physical chemistry (59%)
  • Lack of interest (42%)
  • Undesirable scent or fragrance (35%)

Other dating deal breakers according to Allwomenstalk.com:

  • Late for the date.  Things happen, but if a guy is late for a date for no reason, that's a red flag
  • Talking about their Ex. If a guy/gal talks about their Ex, that will bore their date.  Nobody wants to hear it.
  • Manners.  If a date has bad manners, they're out.
  • Drinks too much on the date.  Having first date jitters is one thing, but he can't pace himself, that's a problem.
  • Self-Absorbed. This is my biggie.  Usually, that means all conversation will be about the date and not about getting to know each other.

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