I was checking trend searches on Google today and Dave Matthews band popped up which immediately excited me!  I thought, this is it, they finally broke up and we won't have to hear anymore of the crappy music they put out to violate our ears!  But alas, no, apparently I'm the only one that hates them, because they are blowing up in searches due to tickets for the Summer tour going on sale today.  Well I've been wrong before big deal.

They have a huge schedule lined up for the Summer, hitting all the major cities along the way including The Woodlands and Dallas, TX.

Tickets are available for all scheduled dates now through Tickets Master and if your a fan, you should probably get them quick!  I tried to get tickets for Radio Head when they announced their tour and they were all sold out in like 3 hours it was incredibly upsetting.  So save the tears and hop on the tickets now if your stuck on seeing a show.

As far as me calling their music crappy, sorry it's in my contract.  It says in black and white that I "must make fun of the Dave Matthews Band".  So don't blame me :)

Admittedly, I have seen a live performance from Dave Matthews Band, and it was actually pretty amazing.  Funny, I hate the music they play, but the passion and feeling they poor into the live shows is nothing short of incredible.

Hey what's a Friday if I don't contradict myself?

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