Marvel, you probably have heard that name before. Way back when Marvel kicked off the Super Hero movie universe saga. Now that saga is ending in a few years. Means we are going to need new Super Heros to cheer on at the Big screens. How about the X-Men and Deadpool? In 2002 the X-Men had their first hit with their movie and two sequels followed. Then after that is where it all becomes truly confusing. The X-men movies go back into time to where the heroes are teenagers. these movies are leading to something big. Lately, like in the past year, we caught up with Logan (Wolverine) in his latest movie. Which sets up for Three new X-Men movies in 2018. See below.

Deadpool is one of the best movies of its kind to hit theaters and took the world by storm. Now after a long wait and wondering if a sequel was going to happen. It is, June 2018 and with good news, they got an actor for Cable, which could be the next big Super Hero in the coming years.


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