While we never pegged Dennis Rodman — and his penchant for eye shadow and high heals — as NBA coaching material, this new career choice for the NBA legend sounds about right. The Hall of Famer is collaborating with the Headquarters Gentlemen’s Club of New York City to form a topless woman’s basketball team which he will coach.

‘The Worm’ will be holding team tryouts for shapely women over 5’10 this week. He offered this advice to prospective players.

“You don’t have to have too much experience, just know how to throw the ball into the hole.”

This is where we’d usually make the predictable WNBA joke but it’s a new year so we won’t go down that road. Also, we can’t think of a funny joke. Rodman actually swiped the idea for a topless basketball team from another notable former NBA star, Spud Webb, who had launched a topless b-ball team in conjunction with ‘Rick’s Cabaret’ during the NBA lockout.

Sadly, for Webb, the lockout ended, forcing the diminutive dunker to wave goodbye to his roster of ‘Double Ds’ and go back to his regular job as President of Basketball Operations of the Texas Legends, a NBA D-league team. That’s a whole different roster of D-level talent.

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