Lil Wayne stans, fans and casual listeners alike should know the rapper is a huge sports follower. Aside from his frequent ESPN appearances, listen to "SportsCenter" from 2006's Dedication 2 mixtape or his ode to the Green Bay Packers "Green & Yellow" for examples of his extraordinary fandom. Or, check out "Off Off Off," a track Wayne just dropped in support of the Cleveland Cavaliers, who, with their backs against the wall, defeated the Golden State Warriors in Game 3 of the NBA Finals Wednesday night (June 8).

While Wayne is a known Cheesehead, his support of the Cavs is somewhat surprising. More so than any tie to the city, which would explain say Heat or Saints affiliation, Wayne is most likely rooting for specific players here, namely LeBron James and J.R. Smith. Speaking with ESPN's Highly Questionable, Wayne recounted a story in which a female groupie chose him over Cavs guard J.R. Smith, but that didn't stop Smith from making a hotel room visit anyway. The way Wayne tells the story, it sounds like he and Smith are buddies and shared a good laugh over it all.

On "Off Off Off," Wayne name drops J.R. a total of three times, rapping, "Tatted up like J.R. Smith / What was that sound? That was swish / Shoutout to Shumpert and Trist / They got the rebounds and defense / Stop all that crying ‘bout Delly game / You know Lebron want hella rings / You know like Kev got hella range / I been down with T. Lue since he was wearing braids."

Like LeBron on a fast break, pass Wayne the ball and watch him go off. His Cavs anthem is included below, with Game 4 slated to take place this Friday (June 10).

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