Statistics are showing more and more that cell phone use in cars is a leading cause of accidents. In fact, some research has shown that driving while distracted causes more deaths than driving while under the influence. But, would you buy a new device that prevents you from ever using your cell phone in your car?

Electronics innovator and retailer Scosche has released a revolutionary device that uses Bluetooth technology to block incoming and outgoing calls, SMS and MMS messages and internet access on your mobile phone in your car while it’s moving. Once you purchase the unit, you activate the online program which uses their proprietary cellCONTROL system to allow the unit to block your mobile communications.

The device can detect when a hands-free unit has been activated on your phone and will then allow safe use of certain functions. The cellCONTROL system will also notify the assigned administrator via text or email if the unit is removed, deactivated or tampered with.

According to Scosche, the system works with more than 1,200 mobile devices and any vehicle sold in the US after 1996. At a starting price of $129.95 for the unit and online service, people who have concerns about mobile use while driving now have a simple way to prevent it. Is this the right answer to the growing distracted driver problem?

[via Inquisitr]

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