It's one of the scariest sights you'll see in baseball, or any sport: a pitcher gets drilled in the face with a ball.

Arizona Diamondbacks pitcher Archie Bradley learned firsthand just how agonizing this can be when Carlos Gonzalez of the Colorado Rockies hit him with a liner in the second inning of Tuesday night's game. It's estimated the ball was traveling at a screaming 115 miles per hour.

I tried to throw a curveball in there for a strike and I saw the pitch going towards the plate, then I woke up and I was laying down. I got myself together and opened my eyes. I could see, wiggled my feet and the next thing I know the trainers are there."

Bradley even managed to tweet a photo of himself, letting the world get a glimpse of his super swollen face:

Amazingly, the 22-year-old Bradley, who never lost consciousness, emerged relatively unscathed, although he will go on the 15-day DL as he deals with some sinus cavity issues. He went to the hospital, but still returned to the team's locker room after Arizona's 12-5 win.

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