It seems that Amber Rose may have had some work done to her derriere.  A Gothic hip-hop artist is saying she has.

Amber Rose has a reputation for posting lots and lots of booty pictures on her Instagram.  And for a mom, she looks amazing.  But could those looks all be the result of a little help?

Padge-Victoria Windslow, also know as Black Madam, was name dropping during her testimony on Friday.  Windslow is being charged with killing a London break dancer after giving her an illegal buttocks injections.  While being questioned, she said that Amber Rose was a walking billboard for her and even brought in a lot of girls from VH1 to get injections.

During her testimony, Windslow said that Amber had been going to her for butt injections since before she became a famous model.  Rose allegedly received injections up until two days before the break dancer's death.  During the cross examination, she even named dropped Kanye West and Nicki Minaj.

There is not telling if she is telling the truth or not, but I highly doubt it since she is an unlicensed practitioner.  But one never knows.  Amber Rose or Nicki Minaj have yet to comment on the whole situation.




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