Did Cardi B, indeed, write her Billboard No. 1 hit (the one that knocked Taylor Swift off the top spot, let's not forget...) "Bodak Yellow"? We've finally got our black-and-white answer.

Today, thanks to the announcement of the 2018 Grammy Awards nominees, we can confirm that Cardi did, indeed, pen the track — at least in part. Some music buffs previously noticed that "Cardi B" and "Belcalis Almanzar," the rapper's legal name, had both been absent from official songwriting credits on "Bodak Yellow". But thanks to some sleuthing by The Fader, the mystery has been solved.

So, Cardi's songwriting nom de plume?


Yup, the site confirmed Washpoppin, a Cardi catchphrase and the name of one of her tracks, is, indeed, Cardi herself. She wrote the song alongside the likes of Dieuson Octave, Klenord Raphael, Shaftizm, Jordan Thorpe, and J White.

But why Washpoppin?

Welp, that remains to be seen, but "You know where I'm at / You know where I be" is suddenly uncertain.

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