As a public service to the good people of Amarillo and the surrounding area, The D.B. Nyce Show is providing you with the 96.9 KISS-FM Do Not Date List. Here are some of the people on the list and why.

Do you have someone you dated who was a jerk, loser, momma's boy, cheater or just basically a terrible person? Let's make sure no one dates that person again. Listen to The D.B. Nyce Show today from 3 to 7 pm to put them on the Do Not Date List. Keep checking back to Kiss-FM's website to make sure you did not make the list.

  • 1


    He cheated on a woman he was dating for 7 YEARS!

  • 2


    Dated a girl for 4 years and broke her heart by saying, "I'm just over this relationship"

  • 3


    Loves to cheat and I mean loves to cheats

  • 4


    Cheated on her guy with 4 other dudes, then got mad when I ended.

  • 5


    Got caught cheating and then lied about it.

  • 6

    John H.

    Had two serious relationships and left one relationship to marry the other girl. Too much of a coward to tell the other woman.

  • 7

    Jon J.

    He said I needed to lose weight before I took my clothes off in front of him.

  • 8

    Christine Y.

    I took my girlfriend to the gym and found out that she exchanged her number with one of the guys on the cardio machines. I now work out at Zach's Club.

  • 9


    They chew with their mouth open and I wanted to stab them.

  • 10

    Jonathan H.

    Cheats on every girl with his psycho ex from high school.

  • 11


    Likes cheating on girls with a 40 year old woman who looks like a hairy man.

  • 12


    Insecure psycho. Will accuse you of things then get aggressive and harass you and your family because he can't really prove you're doing anything wrong.

  • 13

    Shane T.

    Cheating low life b**** a** who will just act like he loves you and then cheat with some piece of trash.

  • 14

    Matthew G.

    cheated on his girlfriend with his baby momma. Then he lied about it.

  • 15

    Ronnie M.

    He is married and a serial cheater.

  • 16

    Joshua C.

    Let's his baby momma stay in the house and sleep in his bed when his girlfriend is out of town.

  • 17

    Jeff H.

    Likes to send **** pics to other girls, cheats, verbally abusive, doesn't take care of his kid and still lives with his momma.


  • 18

    Daniel K.

    He tells you you are his world when he is cheating on you with someone else.


  • 19

    Daniel H

    Will borrow money from you and when you ask for it back he blocks your number and all forms of social media and. Is verbally and physically abusive to you bc he's a big body builder to over compensate for you know.


  • 20

    Austin S.

    Stole his girl's identity and opened and maxed out 5 credit cards in her name. Cheated on me with MEN while saying he was straight. 3-year relationship.


  • 21

    Tyler T.

    Emotionally abusive, then calls you crazy. Also sleeps with your best friend


  • 22

    Chase C.

    Cheating on his wife of 2 months. They've been together for years, married her just to cheat weeks later. Leaving her and their 2 kids high and dry


  • 23

    Makenzie F.

    She's a h**! Likes to pose like she's down for you and have sex with multiple other guys behind your back.a


  • 24

    Jesus A.

    Big time cheater and will lie to your face.

  • 25

    Julian C.

    Gets caught cheating over and over again and tries to lie about it.

  • 26

    Jordan D.

    His a dirty person. Might have herpes.

  • 28

    Jacob C.

    He cheats on his girlfriend. He makes his friends and dog more important than her.

  • 28


    She is a lazy nasty person and uses her boyfriend like a bank so she doesn’t have to work After taking all his money she broke up with him a few days before his birthday for a guy getting out of prison.


  • 29

    Rudy S.

    He uses women and fools them into being a good person when actually he is a womanizer


  • 30

    Aaron B.

    Cheated on his girl with her mom.


  • 31

    Tyler L.

    She's a spoiled princess. Worst year of my life spent with her.


  • 32

    Alec L.

    He told everyone that he had sex with me at church camp and then spread rumors that him and his ex were having a baby.


  • 33

    Dakota G

    Cheated on his wife of 8 years and kicked her out to be with the other woman.

  • 34

    Blake S.

    He thinks if he gets 8 girls pregnant he won't have to pay child support. He claims that the women raped him that's how they got pregnant.

  • 35

    Pierce J.

    Would record our activities and then showed our friends.

  • 36

    Mike F.

    He is a serial cheater who pays other women to hook up with him even though he has a girlfriend. She is a perfect 10 and he still cheats on her.

  • 37

    Danny E

    He tells you that he is humongous, but when you finally smash, it's like throwing a hotdog down a hallway.

  • 38

    Diego H

    Cheater, liar, grown man who doesnt know how to brush his teeth.

  • 39

    J. J.

    Because he left me when i went to rehab and i came back waiting for 3 months then when he shows up ive learned he cheated on me.

  • 40

    Tevin B

    The definition of a narcissist! Such a hypocrite. It's never ok for his girl to have any guys around but its for him to go sleep with every girl that crosses his path. And with that he gave one of his exes an std and never went to the dr to get it cleared.

  • 41

    Chase L

    Cheating narcissistic sociopath.

  • 42

    Tripp L

    He has a little pickle

  • 43


    He is a cheater, liar and stalker

  • 44


    Cheats, Lies, Manipulates and is abusive

  • 45


    He dated cousins at the same time without telling them. Then a few months later he went after one of the girl's sisters. He has a wife and kid at home that he leaves behind so he can go out and party.

  • 46

    Tyler S

    A psycho loser who thinks he's better than everybody else literally compares you to himself and lists 5 reasons he's better ... Also he drools

  • 47

    Kyle F

    Serial cheater produces multiple kids but doesn't take care of them. He blames his baby mamas for everything wrong in his life

  • 48

    Angel E

    Slept with best friend, bros best friend,ex-boss, childhood bf

  • 49

    Daniel S

    He was very manipulative, is a pathological liar.

  • 50

    Trent W

    Abuse, controlling jerk that will make your life miserable.

  • 51

    Cassie B.

    The b**** is just crazy!!!

  • 52


    Cheated on me while I was pregnant with him and got his side girl pregnant at the same time.

  • 53


    Cheated on his girlfriend and stole her dog.

  • 54

    Seth W

    Because he broke up with me before his deployment so he wouldn't have to stay loyal to me.

  • 55

    Zack V.

    He cheats, makes fake Facebook's account to get nudes, blackmails, big time hoe! Fucks anyone, caprock hoe!

  • 56

    Samantha R

    Cheater, a psycho who won't leave her ex alone to be happy!

  • 57

    Fabian V

    He cheats and hits up girls when his with his girlfriend

  • 58

    Clayton L

    He called me an hour before my military ball to watch his brother  when in reality he was out with a girl from the middle school (we were in high school ).

  • 59

    Kyle F.

    He cheated on his girlfriend with a lot of girls. Spent his girls' money to pay bills so he had money to spend on the other girls.

  • 60

    Eli G

    Cheated on me with his married coworker's wife. She moved into the house the day I moved out.

  • 61


    Bought her gifts and she broke them and burned them in front of me.

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