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DJ Khaled Panics as Woman Starts Twerking During Instagram Live

Footage of DJ Khaled panicking and trying to shield his eyes while a fan twerks and pours water on her butt during a recent Instagram Live stream has gone viral. In the clip, model Sophia James joins the musician's live stream and begins to twerk while wearing a string bikini top and booty shorts, prompting Khaled to cover his eyes and exclaim, "Oh sh--, don't do that! ... I got a family and everything. I got love! ... Talk to me normal, talk to me normal!"

Watch the hilarious moment below:

Nicholas Cage Cast as 'Tiger King' Joe Exotic for New Series

The Tiger King himself has warranted a new eight-episode series in which actor Nicholas Cage will portray the character.

The story will follow the eccentric life of Joe Exotic and dive into what made him the man he is today. (via JustJared)

The Coronavirus Is Affecting People's Sleep Schedules

Since the onset of the novel coronavirus, lives have changed, daily routines have been demolished and the idea of "normal" has been redefined. One problem people have been experiencing is the lack or loss of sleep due to vivid dreaming catalyzed by grief and mounting fears of isolation and infection. Some experts say this is the first time the modern population has experienced collective vivid dreaming on such a large scale. (via Baller Alert)

Celebrating Cinco De Mayo at Home This Year

This year the Cinco De Mayo crowd is going to have to get a little creative. Instead of bar hopping or partying, at-home festivities will rule this year's celebration. Virtual margarita-making classes and DIY Cinco De Mayo kits from local restaurants are just some of the ways households can still celebrate the holiday. (via AJC)

The Space Suit May Be the New Concert Attire of the Future

With so many questions still in the air surrounding what life will look like after the coronavirus, the concert-going community is wondering what music events will be like in the future. A prototype of a protective suit that would allow people to attend concerts while continuing to social distance may be the answer. Its built-in ventilation system would allow for safe breathing in a group environment. (via TMZ)

'Murder Hornets' Arrive on North American Soil

Giant Asian hornets that can grow to be up to two inches long and are known to kill about 50 people a year in Japan have officially come to North America. Discovered in Washington State after decimating certain local bee populations, experts fear the killer hornets may be here to stay. (via The New York Times)

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